5 Best Paying-Jobs in the World for 2018

The situation in the labor market is constantly changing. So the jobs that 10-20 years ago were highly paid start to lose their relevance. This is a normal state of affairs, because everything in the world is changing. Human needs are changing, new technologies are emerging, and science is developing. All this has a direct impact on the world labor market.

Here are the best paid jobs in the world now:


Such a popular profession. This is especially true of surgeons. To become a truly high-class specialist, you need to unlearn a minimum of 10 years. The most popular surgeons receive about $181 thousand a year.


This is not just a doctor who “lulls” the patient during the operation. In fact, such a profession is very responsible. From the qualification and experience of an anesthesiologist, the human life actually depends. Such an employee is far from the last person in the operating room. The maximum annual salary of this specialist reaches $162 thousand.


It is one of the highest paid, because air transport remains still in demand. Aircraft management is a very important and complex task. The pilot must deliver passengers and cargo in integrity, following the declared route. Moreover, it must make important decisions in unforeseen situations. A person who has chosen such a profession possesses endurance, boldness and determination. The maximum annual salary of the pilot is $134 thousand.


It’s no secret that selling and buying various products is one of the ways to earn money. Of course, this must be done wisely. Market analysts know everything about buying and selling. They collect and then carefully analyze the information. One of their tasks is to forecast the situation on the market. Such data is always very important for large businessmen. The maximum annual salary of analysts is $111 thousand.

IT specialist

Information and computer technologies are highly valued in the modern world. In all this is well understood by IT professionals. These workers protect data from leakage, do not allow hacking sites, discourage virus attacks, and develop new software. Thanks to the best specialists, our everyday life is simplified and that’s for this reason that the maximum annual salary of representatives of this profession can reach $105 thousand!

It is worth noting that the demand for IT services is constantly growing. More and more companies need competent programmers, developers and system administrators. Perhaps in a couple of years the IT specialist will advance in the ranking of the highest paid professions!




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