Applied mathematics in trading. Golden Ratio – The Fibonacci number

Man writes mathematical equations on chalkboard

You’re so fascinated by numbers, trading and profit, but there’s one thing you’re sure of: in order to become a professional trader you must constantly invest in yourself and in your financial education. You think you know everything, even the connection between maths and trading? Well, if you didn’t hear before about Fibonacci and don’t understand why it is so popular, then you should follow the course 

„Applied mathematics in trading. Golden Ratio – The Fibonacci number”

To whom it may concern? 

No matter are you a beginner or experienced, if you want to be in top you must know the secrets of Fibonacci numbers in trading. Every information you get, can be a step further in your trading career,  so a proper application of Fibonacci coefficients can make the difference. 

What you’ll study here:

  • What is the Fibonacci number and Golden Ratio? What is the mathematical connection between these numbers and stock market trading? 
  • The role of Fibonacci instruments and how they can be applied in trading strategy. Also herein: The ways of Fibo instruments shall be included in trading strategy and how should be used properly by trader – Fibonacci Expansion, Fibonacci Retracement and Fibonacci Fan?
  • What are the applied secrets of Fibonacci that a successful trader may know?


What will you gain if you apply to this course? 

  • You’ll discover what’s the connection between maths and trading, using the Fibonacci instruments in order to see the relation between them and possible support or resistance levels for analysed market. 
  • The entire course shall be based on basic theory and practical examples by using real graphics, so you’ll better understand  the importance of Fibonacci instruments using. 
  • The course will end with a session of „Questions and Answers” where all participants will get the required information so all aspects shall be spelled out. 
  • You’ll get a correct and complex information realized by a Personal mentor, that will give you practical advises based on his own experience. 


Event: Applied mathematics in trading. Golden Ratio – The Fibonacci numbers

Length: 2 hours

Location: Profit Point offices from: Italy, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Portugal (click here for details about contact).

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