Training for initiation in Forex trading

Learn how to perform quickly and secure profitable tradings with our team of experienced traders and trainers.

Register and join one of the most apreciated courses for beginners from Europe and discover the basic FOREX trading. 

How to become a successful trader –  Trading and investment course for beginners

Course structure

  • What is Forex
  • How to trade Forex
  • Forex trading sessions and most appropriate hours for trading 
  • Leverage, Margin, Pips and LOTs
  • Brokers – Spread, Swap(Roll Over) and how to chose a broker 
  • Forex analysis types 
    • Analysis Price Action for beginners
    • Technical Analysis 
    • Fundamental Analysis 
  • How to develop a trading plan and how to implement it on Market
  • What are the mistakes of beginners and how to avoid them 
  • Trading platform MT4 Meta Trader 4 – Functions and advantages 

Who should attend this course

This course is appropriate for beginners of those who don’t know what trading is.  All those who want to become financially independent, who understand the potential of trading activity and those who dare for more, are welcome to attend this course!

What will you study here

By attending this course you’ll get the following knowledge and skills:

  • You’ll know how financial market works and will understand that trading is not that business that makes you rich overnight
  • You’ll understand how prices are forming and who are the participants on market
  • You’ll know certain features and will understand what are the advantages and the difference between stock market and forex
  • You’ll be able to make a proper technical analysis that will help you to identify trends
  • You’ll decide correctly on Buy or Sell
  • You’ll know and understand financial definitions and their importance for you as a trader
  • You’ll be able to make a correct fundamental analysis, so you’ll know exactly all news, macroeconomic events, politics and force majeure factors, whats is their influence or effect on currencies evolution
  • You’ll know how to chose a broker in order to protect yourself of hidden commissions and large spread variations
  • You’ll be able to avoid the most frequent mistakes a trader can do
  • The most important: You’ll have your personal mentor that will guide and support you, will correct your mistakes and motivate you to become a profitable trader!


Course lenght – 5 days, 2h/d

Click here to see location

Even though it is a course for those beginners who want to improve their knowledge, we consider that practice is very important.

That’s why the course is held in a equiped trading hall, with a PC and your personal mentor.

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