The Divergences and the psychology behind their formation

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You’ve made already first steps in trading and know few key-elements that are indispensable to any trader. But you know that it’s not enough to achieve that success level you want, right? You always desired to become a professional trader. You tried to get a lot of information about market movement and the way you can use divergences in technical analysis. But, you see, those few articles will not really help you.

So what about a PRACTICAL COURSE  about „The Divergences and the psychology behind their formation”?

Whom it may concern this course?

The Divergences and the psychology behind their formation” is dedicated to all traders, no matter of their knowledge or skills about stock market. It is for those who want to achieve best results, by understanding the importance of these basic elements in trading. 

What will you study here?

By practical examples, you’ll understand:

  • What are divergences in trading and what are the features by their types: normal, hidden and continuing 
  • How to enter into a transaction on each type of divergence 
  • How can be recognized those points of entering into transaction, by practical exercises 

What will you gain if you register to this course?

  • You’ll learn directly from our team what are the implications on trading and how you can use these information in order to get profit.
  • You’ll find out how successful traders use divergences to enter in trading. 
  • You’ll get all your Personal Mentor support, that will give you useful advises for applying these trading tricks. 

What you’ll lose if you don’t attend this course? 

  • The chance to be different of the rest of traders. 
  • The opportunity to acquire key-information about the divergence impact on stock market trading. 
  • The possibility to learn from specialized trainers, that can bring you a detailed and applied vision about psychology behind divergence formation. 

Event: The Divergences and the psychology behind their formation

Length: 2 hours

Location: Profit Point offices from Italy, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Portugal(click here to see addresses and contacts).

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