First steps on the Stock Exchange

We know that a successful trading on capital market is very important for you, because the profit you gain there could help to make your dreams come true. So, first of all, we advise you to… learn walking before you want to fly, otherwise you risk to finish your trading career and bring all your dreams down.

Your financial education should start from this course that will guide your First steps on the Stock Exchange. The Profit Point team will help you understand the main aspects of trading, including: 

  • Features and advantages of trading in 2015
  • How actually to perform a transaction? (live example)
  • Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis
  • Money Management
  • Patterns – correct identification, trading on changing or continuing trend

Do I need this course?  

If you really want to trade and not be just one of those who „tried”, you need a full financial education, that starts with a theoretical course, specially designed by Profit Point team for beginners. All you’ll learn during those five days of course was designed on a system basis that would ensure both: the delivery of information and its understanding.

What will I gain if i register to course? 

The „First steps in Stock Market” course includes a lot of advantages, but the most important knowledge and skills you’ll gain are: 

  • the ability to understand the functioning mechanism of stock market, the specialized terms and their importance for a trader;
  • the ability to perform a proper technical and fundamental analysis;
  • the way to avoid the most frequent trading mistakes about risk management, money management, decision on Buy/Sell or broker choosing.

And don’t forget one thing: once you finish the theoretical course, you can choose to continue your financial education by opting for Training for skills upgrade in trading! During all studying process you’ll get the experience and dedication of your personal mentor – the trainer who’ll stand always by you in order to be sure you achieve the targets without losing the reality sight.

Trading on Stock Exchange involves dedication, emotions and work. So everything starts here! A success of trader can give you wings to fly but you cannot do it overnight. First of all – learn to walk, make first steps on the Stock Exchange with Profit Point!    

Course length: 5 days, 2 h/d

Location: Profit Point offices from: Italy, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Portugal (click here to see addresses and contacts).

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