Individual trading course

Would you like to learn how to earn money by real trading and not losing your time with those rumors about getting rich overnight with 2 speculative transactions?

You’re an intelligent person looking constantly to diversify your incomes, but you don’t have time to follow all events and public seminars?

You’re aware of the fact that a proper learning and an efficient trading needs investment in financial education, but till now you had the small chance to attend only few online courses and group seminars where general matters were discussed. So you didn’t get anything you would need to understand, right?

You know that many trading strategies are published online, but did you realize what’s the difference between a person who tryes to learn individually, at home, online, and a person who makes an inteligent investment in education by accessing an individual trading course at company’s office and opt for a Personal Mentor ?

If you’re answer is Yes


Who should attend the Individual Forex Trading Course?

The Individual Forex Trading Course is appropriate for those who look for a fast, steady and efficient evolution of their trading skills and knowledge on Forex.

This course concerns the beginners, who helped by a Personal Mentor can learn how to practice everything starting from nothing, and even experienced traders who look for better strategies and trading skills near a Personal Mentor – the one who will permanently guide them.

The Structure of Individual Course:

This course can be dfiferently structured, depending on participant and its interests.

Course length makes 3 weeks, 30 hours, 2h/d

The Course will be divided in 2 parts:


  • first week – the main definitions and terms are studied


  • 2 weeks – where the Mentor pays all attention to his trainee and teaches him how to practice on examples and how to apply his strategy

The advantages of Individual Trading Course

During those 30 hours, you get all attention of your trainer, thus you can avoid those situations when trainer must answer to other participants! Be sure of it!

By attending the Theory

    • You’ll understand exactly what Forex is and how does it work;
    • Who are the participants and how much we are interested in their decisions;
    • You’ll know exactly what are the most important news and macroeconomic reports, when they are published and what is their impact so you’ll never be surprised when you’ll see the economic indicators published;
    • You’ll know where to get information and what are the most “credible” sources;
    • You’ll know how to read charts and how the price and time frames are forming;
    • You’ll exactly understand the concept of Graphic Analysis and Technical Analysis;
    • You’ll acquire specific terms and will understand them correctly. It’s not the case when you study at home and understand nothing.

By attending the Practice

    • You’ll know all functions of Meta Trader 4 and all its secrets. So even if they are not showed in books you’ll be able to use and apply them!
    • You’ll be able to apply those 3 trading strategies that you practiced. Helped by your Mentor, you’ll choose the most appropriate strategy and will implement it in your trading!
    • You’ll have the chance to participate at educational events organized by Profit Point, so you’ll become better and more self-developed in financial field!   
    • The most important thing is that Now you’ll have your Personal Mentor for trading!  
      • You Mentor will be always available to support and motivate you, to correct those situations where you’ll make mistakes. So, now you’ll get answers to all questions and will be able to solve any problem in trading!  
      • You can have individual meetings in trading classroom where you’ll analyze together profitable and non-profitable transactions, so here your Mentor will give you certain practical advices and recommendations adjusted to your trading style! So everything is individual here, not general.

Length: 3 Weeks, 30 hours, 2h/d

Location: Profit Point Offices from Italy, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Portugal  


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