Strategies for securing forex trading – Money Management


Strategies for securing forex trading 

So you know how to apply trading strategies but don’t know how to act constantly in order to gain profit?

You’ve got forex transactions that were profitable but brought you in the end losses on trading account? 

It may be that often you contradict your own basic decision and this thing makes you get losses. Why?

Actually, you’re situation is similar to those of beginner traders! 

Do you want to know how to preserve your profit and how to earn money from online transactions? 

You can learn it directly from our team of traders what are the most efficient Money Management strategies. You’ll learn how to apply them properly, being helped by a Personal Mentor that will guide and support you, will correct and motivate you to make money from online trading and will teach you how to apply “Strategies for securing forex transactions” by participating in this Master Class.

The Structure of Master Class

  • Strategies of Money Management
    • Tehnic Money Management
    • Equity Money Management
    • Kelly Criterion Money Management
  • How to become a disciplined trader 
    • Applied psychology in Money Management strategy
  • Methods for securing forex tradings 
    • Progressive securing 
    • Securing for volume 
    • Trailing Stop Techniques
  • Tips and tricks

Whom it may concern this Master Class

It was developed for all traders who have a forex trading basic, also for those who understand what forex is and how it works but who are persevering to get profit in trading. 

If you chose to become a profitable trader and want to be disciplined in trading, apply right now for this Master Class!

What you’ll study here:

  • You’ll know exactly what money management strategy must apply, depending on your trading strategy. 
  • You’ll know how to apply the money management strategy and will have the support of your Personal Mentor. 
  • You’ll have clear, simple and efficient rules that will be further successfully applied. 
  • You’ll be able to generate profit from those transactions that brought you only losses. 
  • You’ll control your emotions that till now influenced you. 

An important thing is that you’ll have near your Personal Mentor that will always be happy to share his real experience to you!


Length: 2 hours


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