Training: Specialist for Stock Exchange trading

You’ve got trading knowledge already? Then start to be different right now! You can learn to trade on Stock Exchange as well as you learn in any other field, without losing yourself in dry concepts and written lines. The weapon of any professional is the experience! Here, with Profit Point team you have the chance to learn practically from other’s experience and to make your experience be followed! 

You shall transform your financial education in a dynamic process. Don’t stop to invest in yourself! As a beginner now, you can become a Specialist for Stock Exchange trading if you follow this training where all terms and acquired information will get a real sense!

Do I need this training?

You have basic knowledge already, or you’re just one of those who came to our module First Steps on the Stock Exchange and you think this is the field where you can make nice performances – You made first steps in stock market already, so this question has no sense! Here at Profit Point we do not believe in the rigid educational process made through “recitation” of theoretical concepts.

You can be the one who choose to invest in courses, seminars or classic webinars, or one who learn by himself online ending with a failure and blaming the field itself. You can be the one who choose the success through labor, by investing your time, money and energy in.. profit.

What will I gain if I register to this training?

During those 10 days of courses “Specialist in Stock Exchange trading” you’ll be able to learn from specialized trainers that can offer a detailed and applied vision about trading.

You can chose a personal mentor who will help you in trading, will support, guide and motivate you in order to achieve or even exceed your own goals. A very important point is that the course is performed in a special equipped trading classroom and is designed in order not to focus on theoretical concepts only, but also on practical examples on specific situations and real charts.

Course lenght: 10 days, 2 h/d 

Location: Profit Point offices from: Italy, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Portugal(click here to see addresses and contacts).

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