The truth about influence of psychology in trading

So you learned how to trade and how to apply trading strategies on Forex but you realize that it’s not enough for becoming a successful trader?

You’ve read a lot of online articles that provide only opinions about how efficient is the fundamental or technical analysis, but you didn’t know that the behavior analysis is one of the most important?

Do you want to understand how the emotions are influencing your trading and study all this directly from Profit Point specialists. Mean, how you can control these emotions by respecting your entire trading plan?

Well, you’re a beginner trader and you perfectly understand that Forex will not make you rich overnight, but you want to know what is the “Thuth about influence of psychology in trading” by attending Profit Point courses.

Register tight now and attend this MasterClass if you’re a beginner trader who’s target is to learn how to control his emotions in trading and who understand that discipline and auto-control is important in trading, not like earning millions of dollar from two speculative forex transactions.

Subjects discussed:

  • What are the emotions that have more influence in trading
  • What are the most frequent mistakes due to emotions
  • Truth about psychology and behavior of master traders
  • Trading – Hobby or personal business

Whom it may concern this Master Class-ul

 “The truth about influence of psychology in trading” is addressed to all traders no matter of their knowledge and technical abilities, also to all those who want to gain trading performances by means of Profit Point trainers!

What kind of benefits will bring you this MasterClass?

  • You’ll know exactly who are the biggest “enemies” of a trader and will know how to avoid them through practical exercises recommended by Profit Point specialists.
  • You’ll understand why most of traders tend to repeat same mistakes. 
  • You’ll know what that often mistakes are and how you can avoid them. 
  • Everything will become clear for you and you’ll know exactly how to control your emotions
  • The most important is that you’ll get your Personal Mentor in trading, that will teach and support you, will correct and motivate you to gain everything you proposed to yourself. 

What you’ll lose if you don’t come to this MasterClass?

  • You’ll lose the opportunity to understand what are the rules and how are they applied in emotions management. 
  • You’ll always stay on a medium level of knowledge and will treat superficially the influence of psychology in trading. 
  • You won’t be able to become a profitable and constant trader, cause you won’t pay attention to emotions that can influence you. 

Eveniment: The Influence of Psychology in Trading 

Length: 2 hours

Location: Profit Point offices from Europe. Click here for details about addresses

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