The Investment Climate of the Countries


This article is about to explore the definitions of investment features that every investor should know about. The investment climate is the political, social and economic situation in the country, which from the point of view of potential investors (public and private) is profitable, and they invest their capital in…

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Advice to trade during Christmas holidays

Holidays are coming up. Many people are probably busy buying presents or attending end-of-year parties. However, some traders just can’t get enough of the markets and surely will seek to trade and squeeze some pips out of the market ahead of Christmas. And for all these eager-beavers I got some…

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Infographic: 5 financial tips for Christmas

Usually, the festive season is the period that leaves you out of pocket and makes you think like you spent more that you planned in your budget. So if you would like to simplify the things and enjoy a relaxing Christmas holidays, follow the advice from this Infographic:

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Jack Ma’s advice for financial success


Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba Group and he is one of the richest men in China and the whole world. It is impressive that although this reach man didn’t have a wealthy family or a good financial education, he remained ambitious and perseverant as he is now. If you…

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Cryptocurrency Risk Management


The cryptocurrency market is still quite new and for most forex traders is an unusual world. It has probably the most baffling non-standard trading conditions, which complicates the calculation of risks when opening a position. As we know, the risk calculation is practically the most important part of the trading…

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Forex Automatic Trading Robots

The using of scripts, i.e. commercial robots (expert advisors) in order to automate your trading on Forex is not only the right solution, but also a very useful functional addition to the trading terminal. The success of working with Forex robots and technical indicators depends on the quality of these…

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The Greed Makes You Poor!


Greed is a particularly horrible sing. It is negative trait of a person’s character, contributing to the emergence of conflicts between people. Defined by psychologists, greed is a desire to appropriate as much earthly goods as possible. By greed, we mean not only a character trait, but also an unwillingness…

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3 simple steps to buy Litecoins


Litecoin is a crypto-currency developed by Charlie Lee in 2011, based on the idea of Bitcoin, with some further changes in its components. Now we can say that the Litecoin is a direct competitor to Bitcoin and Etherium. Since the Litecoin was launched on the market, it started to play…

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