Trading strategies on Crypto market


If you are a beginner on the crypto trading, you probably find it hard to find a strategy that will ensure your success. But if you respect at least the basic rules, you will be able to identify that formula that will make you profitable.

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Infographic: Advice for a successful career


Each of us aspires to a professional success. If you are at the beginning and have already chose the field you want to exceed in, you need to know what can make you better on your journey to success. Do you know what to do to achieve your career goals? ➡ Some…

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To be or not to be…a lucky trader?


Very often, when traders lose money in trading on Forex, they say to themselves – “I’m not lucky. But soon the situation will change and everything will be fine!” The most interesting is that this justification is used not only by beginner traders, but also by more experienced traders. So…

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Do You Follow these Rules in Crypto Trading?


Both experienced beginners and advanced crypto-traders need to know the following basic crypto trading rules: Avoid the greed The greed is the biggest enemy of trading. Choosing a methodology, testing, review, consistency and compliance are the main tools of a trader who does not want to fall prey to greed….

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Where to invest money? 99% didn’t know this secret

Perhaps you got a well-established personal budget and you’re looking for some nice investment opportunities. How do you make your money rise over time? Where to invest to get long-term income? In this article, we are going to provide some investment advice for those who want to make their “ka-ching”…

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5 Best Paying-Jobs in the World for 2018

The situation in the labor market is constantly changing. So the jobs that 10-20 years ago were highly paid start to lose their relevance. This is a normal state of affairs, because everything in the world is changing. Human needs are changing, new technologies are emerging, and science is developing….

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Trump targets $50 billion in Chinese goods

The Trump administration Tuesday unveiled a list of about $50 billion in Chinese electronics, aerospace and machinery products it plans to hit with steep tariffs, the latest move in a deepening U.S.-China trade conflict. The new 25 percent import taxes are designed to penalize China for discriminatory policies that the…

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A Great Leader does not Manipulate. He Motivates!

As people often confuse the concepts of motivation and manipulation, we decided to explain in this article what these concepts mean and to figure it out. Motivation is the good intention of people to act in their own interests. For example, doing homework, being responsible for your actions, graduating from…

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