Investing on Forex: myths and truths


Investments in the currency market are gaining increasing popularity in the world, especially with the emergence of regulated brokers offering brokering in trading. In this context, stock investments are a viable alternative for those who want to get returns from Forex trades. However, many potential investors are skeptical to invest…

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Business Ideas for Cheap or Free


If you want to develop a business with little money, the internet gives you plenty of opportunities. Freelancing, for example, allows you to work independently and be your own manager. With a computer connected to the internet, you can offer some online services or work on different projects. All you…

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Hired today, jobless tomorrow


Career goals and financial stability are usually achieved after years of work and professional experience. It might happen that you accept a job in order to have a career start but tomorrow, at some point, it won’t meet your expectations. What do you do when you don’t like the job…

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Great “bonus” for little savings

  The times we live in are full of uncertainties. The unpredictability of the economic future increases the uncertainty of the conditions which we operate in. Everything is in a continuous transformation, and the result of what is happening now is beyond the barriers of our knowledge. Under these circumstances,…

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Trading strategies on Crypto market


If you are a beginner on the crypto trading, you probably find it hard to find a strategy that will ensure your success. But if you respect at least the basic rules, you will be able to identify that formula that will make you profitable.

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Infographic: Advice for a successful career


Each of us aspires to a professional success. If you are at the beginning and have already chose the field you want to exceed in, you need to know what can make you better on your journey to success. Do you know what to do to achieve your career goals? ➡ Some…

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To be or not to be…a lucky trader?


Very often, when traders lose money in trading on Forex, they say to themselves – “I’m not lucky. But soon the situation will change and everything will be fine!” The most interesting is that this justification is used not only by beginner traders, but also by more experienced traders. So…

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Do You Follow these Rules in Crypto Trading?


Both experienced beginners and advanced crypto-traders need to know the following basic crypto trading rules: Avoid the greed The greed is the biggest enemy of trading. Choosing a methodology, testing, review, consistency and compliance are the main tools of a trader who does not want to fall prey to greed….

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