Business Ideas for Cheap or Free


If you want to develop a business with little money, the internet gives you plenty of opportunities. Freelancing, for example, allows you to work independently and be your own manager. With a computer connected to the internet, you can offer some online services or work on different projects. All you have to do is identify the field that suits you and what would make you successful. We offer you some business ideas with little money that can make you profitable:


Do you like to write and share your thoughts and opinions with others? You can make a blog and earn money from it or you can work as a blogger on other sites and get paid for it. Today, content marketing is becoming more and more popular, and good and talented writers are increasingly looking. The big advantage of blogging is that you can work from home without investing. All you need is a work room and a computer connected to the internet.


Are you passionate about foreign languages and this is your strength? If so, then it will be very easy for you to provide translation services to your clients and earn money from it. Moreover, you can also provide extra translator services at various business meetings, workshops or events.

Travel Guide

The tourist services market is vast and diverse, and any tourism business idea has development potential. As a guide, you can sign contracts with several travel agencies or you can identify your customers on your own.

Personal development trainer

Perhaps hard to believe, but entrepreneurs passionate about personal development make good money in this area. If you’ve ever attended personal development courses and liked it, it’s worth investing in this area! All you have to do is make a site where you can upload ample and well structured materials that have a great impact on readers. Get the most out of your talents through the articles you write on the site, so you will earn a faithful audience that will follow your live classes and seminars in the future.

We hope that these ideas will inspire you to open up your own business with little money. So … make a plan, make a decision and act!

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