Geopolitical recession: risks with global impact in 2019


The year began with many questions for financial analysts who, in their majority, have pessimistic economic forecasts for 2019. What will happen to the global and the European economy? The list of uncertainties is a long one and the factors that will mark all things are different. There are a…

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3 simple steps to buy Litecoins


Litecoin is a crypto-currency developed by Charlie Lee in 2011, based on the idea of Bitcoin, with some further changes in its components. Now we can say that the Litecoin is a direct competitor to Bitcoin and Etherium. Since the Litecoin was launched on the market, it started to play…

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German election shows lingering political risks


Markets have reacted coolly to a surprisingly strong result from Germany’s far-right party, but strategists warn the rising populist trend in Europe remains intact. Chancellor Angela Merkel was elected to a fourth term on Sunday. However, her party lost the votes to the far right so the chancellor faces early…

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How the ICO market could change in the near future


Last week, the People’s Bank of China posted a warning on its website about the risks of investing in the ICO. The regulator warned, so that in case of losses, investors can blame themselves. Direct influence on ICO markets and crypto currency official authorities of any country do not have….

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Tesla shares dive 7%


Tesla Motors shares slid more than 7 percent on Wednesday. This is the biggest percentage decline in more than a year, on poorer-than-expected delivery numbers, yet the luxury electric carmaker’s stock price remained above analysts’ median target, according to Reuters. Silicon Valley-based Tesla overtook General Motors in April to become…

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The victory of the ex-banker Emmanuel Macron in French elections pushes French index to nine-year high as global markets gain. European bond prices and shares rise abruptly as investors stimulate a big relief rally. France’s Cac index climbed more than 4% to a nine-year high, its best daily performance since…

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The Bitcoin could reach $5000 by the end of 2017


At the beginning of March the price of bitcoin overtook Gold for the first time ever, but the crypto-coin hasn’t stopped there! According to the comments of Adam Davies – consultant at Altus, bitcoin will edge towards $5000 by the end of the year.   “As more and more trade is taken up…

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