Trump targets $50 billion in Chinese goods

The Trump administration Tuesday unveiled a list of about $50 billion in Chinese electronics, aerospace and machinery products it plans to hit with steep tariffs, the latest move in a deepening U.S.-China trade conflict. The new 25 percent import taxes are designed to penalize China for discriminatory policies that the…

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A Great Leader does not Manipulate. He Motivates!

As people often confuse the concepts of motivation and manipulation, we decided to explain in this article what these concepts mean and to figure it out. Motivation is the good intention of people to act in their own interests. For example, doing homework, being responsible for your actions, graduating from…

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TRON wants to change the internet!

Tron is a decentralized content entertainment platform based on blockchain technology. This cryptocurrency strives to construct a global free content entertainment system, using the blockchain technology. It allows each user to freely publish, store, and own data. The issuance, circulation, and trading of digital assets, through decentralized self governance, lay…

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The Universal Laws of Wealth Attraction

NO MONEY? Looks like a boring question but are you sure that you know the laws of money and use the ways to attract wealth? Did you think that perhaps you make some mistakes that make you poor? As we got many people that ask for our advice about how…

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Check out for the 5 of the Freackiest Cryptocoins


TrumpCoin According to the site info, this coin’s goal is “to support President Trump and his powerful vision to Make America Great Again. By supporting the TrumpCoin digital currency movement you are supporting the “Trump Patriots”. People like you who are determined and motivated to expose corruption and evil, uncover…

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How Ripple Rewards its Investors?

Ripple is the cryptocurrency that was designed in 2012 to ease bank-to-bank transfers and now has the biggest market cap of any non-bitcoin cryptocurrency. In this article I will write about Ripple as a truly viable currency and the reasons why it is worth introducing it into your investment plan….

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  Fact: We do not learn from other people’s mistakes and do not even learn from our own either. We learn only from those mistakes that we recognized, saved, and decided not to admit anymore. Do you agree? How is to recognize a mistake? To recognize a mistake is to…

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How to Mine Bitcoin? 5 Steps for Beginners


If you decide to do bitcoins mining for investment and profit, you are likely to face one serious problem: most sites on this topic are created for advanced users. If you are not a professional programmer, you have no experience working with Ubuntu and Linux, and there is only a…

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Trading


Often, I do hear things about how traders are losing money on the financial market. This is due to the fact that people make many mistakes that should be avoided. Let’s analyze them: HIGH LEVERAGE Leverage is one of the very attractive factors for traders. However, if you do not…

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