Infographic: Advice for a successful career


Each of us aspires to a professional success. If you are at the beginning and have already chose the field you want to exceed in, you need to know what can make you better on your journey to success. Do you know what to do to achieve your career goals? ➡ Some…

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Infographic: 5 financial tips for Christmas

Usually, the festive season is the period that leaves you out of pocket and makes you think like you spent more that you planned in your budget. So if you would like to simplify the things and enjoy a relaxing Christmas holidays, follow the advice from this Infographic:

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Infographic: Financial Education and Why We Need it

Financial education helps people to understand various financial areas and the main step to achieve this includes learning the skills to create a budget, the ability to track spending, learning the techniques to pay off debt and so on. This Infographic involves understanding why we need to be financially educated.

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Infographic: Successful vs. Unsuccessful Trader

What makes difference between a long-term successful trader from an unsuccessful one? The mindset and the attitude. With a mindset that is directed only towards wining money and not losing, a trader could will sabotage his trading process by allowing the emotions to influence his trades. This is exactly what a trader…

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The Most Valuable Career Skills


  Anyone of us, mainly those who just graduated the university and look for a job, dream of a brilliant long life career. Regardless of the career field and the profession you choose to work in, there are main basic skills needed to do the job successfully. Look for these career…

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