Hired today, jobless tomorrow


Career goals and financial stability are usually achieved after years of work and professional experience. It might happen that you accept a job in order to have a career start but tomorrow, at some point, it won’t meet your expectations.

What do you do when you don’t like the job or when you have no certainty that your job will ensure your financial stability tomorrow? Do you keep that job just because it assures you an active income today, at the risk of stressing you daily because you do not get it anymore, and because you do not like what you do?


How do you ensure your financial stability through the right job?

The difference between a job and a career is to do what you like and bring you a secure profit. There are two kinds of income that can help you achieve financial stability: active income and passive income. Many, however, misinterpret these notions, considering that active income is gained through work, and the passive one comes into your account without moving a finger.

Active earnings are the money you earn by going to work daily, and if you quit that job, your income disappears. On the other hand, passive income is the money you earn even if you do not have a daily and constant activity. In other words, if at some point you are out of work, passive income is the one that will provide your safety on tomorrow.

Dividends: A way to invest in obtaining passive income. Unlike real estate investments that bring passive income from sales and require large investment, dividend profit can be earned by anyone, but here it takes a lot of time and patience to get a good result.

Bank deposits: Many opt for this type of income but they do not bring depositors any more revenue than they did in the past years. The interest paid by the bank for the money you hold in your account decreases from year to year, which may be disadvantageous to you.

Investments on the Stock Exchange: Another source of passive income. If you are educated in the field and you have the necessary training, you have the chance to get big profits even from the first transactions.

What would be the source of passive income that you would choose to assure your financial stability? Have you ever thought about learning more about these things? Here financial education helps you! With little investment of time and effort, you can make decisions that will pay you more time than you can ever expect.

It is not difficult, and yet many do not want to invest in their education. Perhaps this is the reason why many people become captive at the job they are not satisfied with. Many people do not want to get out of the comfort zone, because there is a comfortable and no worry zone. This area, however, can destroy your intelligence, personality, vocation and chances of getting more. Leaving the comfort zone can bring many good things, so education and personal development can help.

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