Money myths you should not believe


Most of people dare to succeed without much effort and without financial lacks that can come along with it. Moreover, many people have certain beliefs about the money, thus taking wrong decisions for their financial lives.

Here are the most common myths about money that you should not believe:

“Poverty is not a vice.”

It is a statement made unreservedly by those who do not want to evolve or don’t trust themselves or their financial skills. The poor people are hiding behind their own beliefs and justifications without realizing that anyone can increase their income. It is important to believe you can!

“Money attracts bad luck.”

It’s such an untrue thing. In fact, money implies responsibility: the acquisition of important things, investment in education and financial instruments can make you more prosperous! Bill Gates – Microsoft founder, said:

When I was young, I thought money and power would make me happy. I was right!”

“In order to have money, you have to be lucky.”

Many people believe that if they had more luck, their lives would have been different.

“Why did the neighbor find a job better paid than me? Because he was lucky.” / “Why did my colleague manage to buy a new car? Because he was lucky.” / “Why I can’t earn money on Forex? Because I’m not lucky. ”

There is a way to improve your financial situation: Do not believe in luck!

I do not believe in luck. I never relied upon it and I’m afraid of people who do it. For me, luck means something else: a lot of work! (Hillary Clinton)

“To save money, you need a very high salary.”

It is a principle that many are guiding. However, the salary you earn does not have much to do with the ability to save. In order to save a lot of money, you do not have to think about the size of the salary, but about how you manage your money and the amount you collect over time.

Not your salary makes you richer, but the way you choose to spend your money. (Charles Jaffe)

“Money is never enough.”

“Perhaps I would be happier if I had more money.” / “It’s never enough as I gain and earn, that’s life …” – there are some untruths that people live and send from one to another, finding itself under the umbrella of insufficiency.

All you have to do is change your beliefs and break your own limits. It is true that the money will not fall out of the ceiling, but it is never too late to start by educating yourself and by changing your approach to everything that money means. The way you earn money, the way you spend it and the ability to distribute and save them are the factors that can help hit the range of prosperous people.

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