The emotional energy in trading


Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trader, you’ve already figured out that you’re part of a pretty difficult job that demands you a lot. You may have good days, less successful or days when you get losses and you are overwhelmed. There is, however, a hidden “keyhole” somewhere over there, in the shade, which helps you overcome all and take it from the end: emotional energy.

Each trader has his or her methods of solving problems in trading, overcoming any obstacle, and that, largely because of the will power. Last, it also forms part of the trader’s emotional energy and can be consumed just like physical energy. When the trader does not know how to balance his emotions, he gets stressed and exhausted, even if he did not put up a physical fort.

One of your missions as a trader would be to maximize your emotional energy reserves, to continue with the same willpower, respecting the following rules:

Try to remove from watch lists and filters certain things that are not related to your trading system (eg prices, volumes, regions, etc.). Make them no longer visible or distract.

Remove yourself from the computer when you are not trading or when the trading system does not allow you to do so. Keep your energy and use it at its most important moments.

Do not trade when you are hungry, tired or stressed. Do everything that can give you energy and can bless you so you can continue your work successfully.

Get breaks between trades. Even if you’ve run a number of profitable transactions or, on the other hand, you’ve made some mistakes that have emptied your account, take 10-15 minutes to break your emotions so you can make the right decisions.


If you entered a negative trading period, it reduces volumes and risks. Give yourself time and space to understand the situation and to regain your self-confidence. Also, keep in mind that bad times are normal in trading, there are not just transactions that will always make you profit.

Discipline is as important in trading as balancing emotions, because it can save you from stress. Self-discipline through daily planning of things and their observance.

So get rest, charge your batteries at least once a week. Avoid sitting at the computer on weekends, because your brain needs a break. An idea would be to take leave during the reporting periods, when the transactions can yield you below your expectations.


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