The success secrets of the richest people


Success is not the destination you will ever reach. Success is the quality of your journey. (Jeniffer James)

Success does not necessarily mean money but the result of your work to achieve your financial independence. The most important thing for you to get financially free is the quality you need to acquire as a human being. And it does not matter the ethnicity, qualification or language you are talking about, it does not matter whether you are rich or poor. You have to be prepared to do everything by yourself, through much work, perseverance, sacrifices, patience and dedication.

Set your decisive goals.


“Follows a decisive goal with force and determination.” (Carl Vom Clausewitz)

When you set a goal, think about what would be the amount of money you would like to earn. Sit on a credible amount and trust that you can touch it. The desire to be constant will help you do this, and you will certainly have immense satisfaction when you succeed.

Do what you love and love what you do.

This is one of the secrets of people who have managed spectacularly in the world of money. To achieve success, you have to work, and if your work does not please you and you do not do it with passion and enthusiasm, you will not reach a high level.

Do a lot of work. A quality work.

“The more I work, the happier I am!” Said Samuel Goldwyn

Employees work 40 hours a week, and people who treat themselves as their own employees, ie work for themselves, work harder, including weekends and vacations. For successful people there are no holidays, because the very process of working for their own business is a holiday. Starting from the fact that they have business in the heart, the wealthy ones sacrifice and 70 hours a week to reach what they want.

Pay yourself first.


Profit Point trainers met thousands of people who would like to plan their budget effectively, but they fail. Each one asks her why she does not have money in her account after a few months of work. The secret is to put yourself on the pay list first: keep 15% of your monthly income in a separate account just for you for your financial independence. Over time, you’ll be surprised to see how the amount in your personal account will grow.

Start from below and gain experience.

According to Forbes magazine, of the 400 billionaires of the world, 274 are entrepreneurs, and of the top ten richest people, six have made their fortune from scratch, the combined value of their wealth being $ 166.5 billion.

“You have to be prepared for sacrifice, work 24 hours a day, seven days out of seven to win. If you can not do that, stay at the job you have. You have to be prepared to go through difficult moments as well as the good ones if you want to get somewhere..”said John Catsimatidis, president and chief executive of Red Apple Group and Gristedes Foods, with a fortune of 1.65 billion dollars.

You can take all these secrets as valuable principles as a basis for your personal development through financial education.

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