To be or not to be…a lucky trader?


Very often, when traders lose money in trading on Forex, they say to themselves – “I’m not lucky. But soon the situation will change and everything will be fine!” The most interesting is that this justification is used not only by beginner traders, but also by more experienced traders.

So what is better in Forex trading: skills or luck? The answer to this question will be simple enough: both of them.

One day, I heard a phrase that I really liked and remembered: luck is the result of a well-done work. Some may disagree with me and argue that luck can come by itself, as we say when winning the lottery. I do not deny the blind power of luck, but in most cases, success follows side by side with well-prepared work.


On the Forex market, there is a lot of price noise, if we chase every move of the price, the market will simply “smear” us and leave nothing for us. Only patience and skills can help us in this difficult matter. “George took a great profit!”: to someone it will seem a wonderful luck, a crown of luck, but it’s not. George waited a long time for his perfect deal, missed many opportunities to keep the capital in integrity and safety and when it was time he took it. If the price movement was strong and intense, then we can say that he was a little lucky, he could even earn on top of what he had hoped for initially and this can also be considered a small luck, but his whole deal was not the result of luck, it is the result of painstaking and long work.

I know that many hope for luck when they come to the Forex market. They buy talismans, some even make some “magic” rituals before starting to trade! 😀 Perhaps there is nothing wrong in this, if it soothes you… But do not think that this will really help you in trading. In trading only one thing works, iron discipline and time-tested, profitable trading strategy. The result you can call luck or as you want, but behind this is, first of all, call it diligence and experience.

So…to be or not to be a lucky trader?


Good trading fortune to you!

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