What are the jobs of the future?


A Deloitte research shows that by 2030 more than half of the 1.8 billion young people around the world will not have the skills enough to integrate into the workforce. In other words, you will not be able to practice in the future if you do not know how to use the technology.

As education evolves due to the new requirements that come from the real needs of the labor market and here we refer to the jobs of the future, there must be some changes in the way young people are taught and educated, because no profession of the future is possible unless you know how to work and use the technology.

More and more parents are thinking about the future of their children and trying to guide them towards a right choice in life. More than half of today’s jobs will disappear within a maximum of 15 years, as the importance of manual jobs is taken over by artificial intelligence.

Experts say about 800 million jobs will be dismantled due to automation. In the US, call-center operators are already about to disappear. In agriculture, for example, they have already been introduced to autonome machines without a driver, coordinated by a single man from the computer.

Worldwide, 10,000 employees were replaced by 74 industrial robots. In the top of the countries with the most industrial robots are South Korea, followed by Singapore, Germany and Japan.


At the same time, the importance of jobs with increased cognitive content, which denotes complexity, creativity, vision and decision-making, is growing. Future jobs include robotics assistants, robot trainers, IT specialists, personal data brokers, virtual identity programmers, augmented reality architects, 3D designers, climate control specialists, elderologists.

No matter how the labor market evolves, there is a safe list of jobs that cannot disappear.

Physician: Due to the aging population, the world will need doctors, nurses, therapists and pharmacists, those who will want to launch in the medical field will have to study medicine.

Tele-operator: involves remote work in various fields, remote, including medicine and tele-surgery.

Developer: With the evolution of technology, IT specialists will be more and more demanded.

Economist/Financial Analyst: In a market full of uncertainties, the profession of financial analyst will always be required.

Content writer: The content publisher demand continues to grow, so it’s a job that will not disappear too soon from the landscape.

Marketing Specialist: Competitiveness among market players is growing, as is their tendency to develop innovative products and services. That’s why demand for marketers will be growing.

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