About Profit Point

Why should you choose Profit Point


Profit Point started its activity more than 10 years ago. During all this time we defined our experience by:

  • opening 18 offices in Europe;
  • developing over 2000 hours of courses every month;
  • specializing more than 7500 trainees via financial education programs which are so suitable for the professional evolution of everyone.


This is true card of one of the strongest brands in personal development education – a card where the experience says more than words.

DSC_1729 (1)


Here at Profit Point we state that everyone deserves to have access to a top education.

Our mission is to help you in financial self-development and to
improve your knowledge by various courses adjusted to your style!  


So you can study at home


You can opt for a personal mentor that will guide you along your trading career. 


You can choose a book, a webinar or a general course


You can opt for individual or group course

adjusted to your needs!


You can follow to someones interested in commissions


You can choose an experienced team that will offer you all the support and dedication.  


You can overlook the benefits of an intelligent education or you can choose Profit Point.


Another rule tells us that a story has a start, content and a final. Profit Point started activity with a modern vision, gaining a successful development in European Union via up-to-date programs. The company has open offices in Italy, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Portugal.


Everybody knows that firms appear today and disappear the next day. But on the way of our activity development you’ll find stability in our updated and constantly developed services, as in the highest standards in all our European offices.


Instead of a final, Profit Point has a continuation – a perpetual development. Profit Point revealed the importance of education for everyone, by investing in practical and innovative courses, as in those people who bear and support them.



Our main partners are Optimum Invest, TeleTrade and High Class Trading. Optimum Invest is an international investor that offers to our best trainees jobs for trading on the financial market. So, we can say that through this partnership we bring an active contribution to labor fulfillment in European Union.

Forexaf is a strategic partner that gained our trust by its quality of forecasts and trading signals on financial market. The professional traders of Forexaf led trading to another level, in order to help you understand and receive advantages from trading on financial market.

High Class Trading – strategic partner that provides quality market provisions and signals for trading.

TeleTrade is an international brokerage company that obtains information from objective informational platforms about news and forecasts.

Profit Point works closely with these partners in order to achieve the best results for our clients. Trust us and our partners and come to test the experience of Profit Point courses!



Although young, our trainers are experienced as formators, both at Profit Point and in other companies from America, Asia and Europe. Therefore, they have varied skills that they can share with you.

We want you to have the most positive and exciting courses, that’s why our formators and trainers offer you all their knowledge. In this way, at these courses you will get all information you need.



Information note: Profit Point is a franchise brand of European level. 

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