Here at Profit Point we assumed that everyone deserves to have access to a top education. That’s why our target is to provide educational and informational services to those who are interested in personal development, to improve themselves in the field of economy, investment, management or sales. Profit Point story began April 28, 2005 and since then we are doing our best to satisfy our clients through the services we provide.

What recommends us?

The fact that we strictly respect our commitments to customers. Thus, we gained the full trust of our clients, both of new ones and of those who have stayed with us since our first day of activity.

Our courses are adjusted to an active life style. So, that’s why:
-the duration of a course can vary from one day to 3 weeks
-courses may be attended in weekend as well

Because we are organized to achieve the optimum efficiency, we offer courses in our offices from: Romania, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia.

We ensure that everyone can attend this kind of courses. Therefore, courses are organized individually, both for beginners and higher educated, and even for those who have no degree (for a part of courses).
So if you want to follow a new field or to learn more about your present activity, come to Profit Point.

How Profit Point experience can help you?

You can become one of our satisfied clients by attending the courses we offer, and by graduating our trainings and educational programs you will develop your professional skills.

-European level recognition
-Experience (The only of this kind in Europe!)

Here you’ll find endless possibilities, so we support and encourage you in any field you choose!


Bogdan Barnea

Bogdan Barnea

Bogdan ambitious and eager to work in order to achieve things he needs. He is cautious and careful and hates to be late at meetings. Being so tenacious, Bogdan will help you to develop yourself and will be near you for every step you make.

He likes challenges. That's why he'll try to help anyone who wants to become his disciple. If you look for a trainer that will always be near you and guide you in order to acquire everything in the field you want to develop, then Bogdan is the right person for you.

Alexandru Chirilă

Alexandru Chirilă

Alexandru is a very active person who feels awesome to follow his impulses. So if you look for a dynamic training that would keep you stay ``on the ball``, then Alexander is the trainer you need.

He is a very expressive person, that's why it is very easy for him to explain and to make you understand the courses you follow. Being positive, it is facile for him to maintain an atmosphere where you'll easier memorize the information you need.

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