The financial education means knowledge, skill, attitude and the responsibility, all applied in order to make financial decisions and achieve individual financial independence.


As the economy has shown an unsteady behavior over the last years, there is a lot of demand on financial information about investing, saving money and basic economics.


We would like to improve peoples’ self-development by providing financial education to everyone interested so help us to encourage this thing by inviting all of your friends to Profit Point courses.


Perhaps you’re among of those who graduated our courses and learned many things with your personal mentor. Tell everyone about your performance in our company!


The Profit Point affiliation program “Help us to improve the financial education in Europe” brings you a commission for each person you help to apply for our courses! 



The Regulations

of Profit Point affiliation program

This affiliation program is provided by Profit Point (as the Advertiser) and is related to all individuals and legal entities from Europe (as Affiliates) that are interested in Profit Point services’ promotion to potential clients, for a commission.


1. Definitions 

Advertiser – Profit Point, the educational services’ provider that is willing to remunerate with a commission the Affiliates that promote the company’s services toward the clients.

Affiliate – individual or legal entity that is willing to promote the company’s image and Advertiser’s interests toward the third persons, being remunerated with a commission in the moment of acquisition by the potential client of the Profit Point service.

Potential client – any individual that applied for at least one Profit Point service (course) due to promotion activity made by the Affiliate.


2. Services

The Affiliate undertakes to promote the company’s image and Advertiser’s interests, by presenting and delivering to potential clients the Profit Point services (courses). Also, the Affiliate have to maintain the relations between clients and the Advertiser, for a commission.


3. Commission

The commission is established individually, at the moment of contract’s signing. It may vary as by Affiliate’s results gained during the services’ promoting and is calculated in the basis of a commissions’ table.  The commission shall be payed to the affiliate at the beginning of the month for the results showed in the previous month.


4. The implementation 

The affiliation program is being organised and implemented in all Profit Point offices from Portugal, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Hungary and Greece.


For more details please contact us!





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