Defeat Your Fear


Fear – probably the greatest mental terror. It is far more serious than the worry that often comes to our lives. Fear dominates the lives of many of us: the fear of disease, the fear of losing our jobs, the fear of public speaking, the fear of losing money, the…

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What is the best risk free investment?


Any one of us makes an effort for a better future. Thus, we invest to live. We invest time, effort and, of course, money. We invest in areas we know very well or venture on new roads. When we have a budget and are looking for opportunities to roll money…

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Are you financially healthy?


Financial health is a unanimous wish. We all want to achieve well-being, though many of us cannot define it. It is said that in order to have a successful business, you must have money. But successful people provide us with one thing: to be rich, you have to be good…

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How to increase your net wealth from savings


  Whether you are an employee or a business owner, assets are those economic sources that have the capacity to make a profit in the form of fixed assets (usually real estate) or current assets (assets or securities enrolled in the economic circuit of a business). In order to increase…

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Tricks to save money for traveling


If an unforgettable traveling is your short-term financial goal, then you need to find the most effective ways to save to get the desired results within a short time span. First of all, in order to keep the direction you can surround yourself with pictures from where you want to…

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The 8-step approach to a successful business plan


Successful people say that everything they accomplished is due to an objective that in turn led to a business plan. This, however, needs a self-assessment. You need to look deeply in your mind for what you really want to get and identify which tools you have at hand to set…

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