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Definition of Trader

The modern wordbook comes with a new word – „trader”. In English, „trading” means to trade, to enter into a business. Consequently, a „trader” is a businessperson. However, the sense of this word is much wider.
The trader deals more with securities (stocks, bonds, certificates), currency and metals on OTC and stock exchange. He manages assets and takes his own decisions on buy/sell.

A modern trader regularly uses PC connected to internet, he watches exchange quotations and performs transactions. The main target is to get profit for clients (or for himself) and receive commissions.

This profession appeared not so accidentally. There are companies with high returns and need traders that would successfully invest the capital.
These needs became decisive during shaping of modern trading infrastructure – companies that offer consulting, capital investment services, investments’ management, also companies providing education and training.

Traders' Testimonials:

“The Financial Market is more than a way to make money. In its way of functioning, this market makes a foray in your way of being, because the realities of our lives don’t let us to see who we actually are.
From my point of view, the fact that you are paid to learn to be patient and disciplined, is the pinnacle of human evolution.”

Adrian Campan


“I actually got here by a fluke. One day I was called from Profit Point to go to an interview. Veni, Vidi, Vici! And hence began a story, a training, I just was fascinated from the first hours of courses. I almost started from nothing. It is a beautiful road I shall say, filled with lessons offered with great pleasure and professionalism by good traders that are ready to lead us toward understanding and success… It is a road with ups and downs, but the moments of pleasure, agony and desire to go on bring you such a rare satisfaction.”

Valentin Druga

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