What course shall I choose? What shall I start with?

As a general rule, people with economics inclinations choose Economics course. Those who consider that sales are their greatest asset, choose Sales course. But any course you want to start with, you should choose the first easiest modules, and then advance gradually.

Will these courses help me somehow?

Many people follow courses for their own interest and personal development. Anyway, this will be only an advantage for their general knowledge. The main target of our trainees and those who graduate is to develop their career and to complete their studies.

How lond the courses are performed?

The courses can be held from 1 day to 3 weeks, ones per day during 2 hours.

Where can I find you?

Countries where you’ll find Profit Point offices are: Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Hungary, Serbia, Poland and Portugal.

Is there a final evaluation and how does it look?

The final evaluation is performed in the office where you followed the courses pursuant to an evaluation program. It is a kind of grid testing practice testing and an interview.

How much is each course?

Each course has its price.

How can I attend the courses?

You can attend our courses by registering via phone number that you’ll find in contacts or on main page of our site.

Where can I be hired after courses graduating?

Once you graduate the specialized courses of Profit Point, you take the advantage of your CV fulfillment and to increase your chances of employment. Thus, you can be hired anywhere due to the kind of course you choose.

Is there an age limit? What if I'm not 18 yet?

Our courses are performed in accordance to each one’s education. There are courses where you don’t need a higher eduaction degree. So the age is not an impediment, but you better contact our nearest office if you’re too young or too old.

Can I attend courses with no money?

There are certain promotions and special programs that would help you to improve your education even at lowest prices or even for free! Follow us on social media and catch our promotions!

Can I pay courses by installments?

If you have a student card, you can pay courses in 2 or more installments. You can discuss about it with your trainer/mentor.

Are these courses difficult?

If this question is important for you, we advise you to follow your dream and attend this courses and graduate, by starting the easiest modules. These courses are special designed so the information is very well structured in a simple system toward a detailed one.

If something's happened and I cannot attend the course, can we postpone it?

Yes. Your trainer and mentor will help you for sure in this case.

Can I attend the courses online?

Yes, actually we work on it. For more details please contact the nearest office so we’ll discuss about that.

I have a question which is not specified here. How will you answer me?

If you need some information that is not on the site, you can find out everything you need by calling us or contact us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkeIn.

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