Luck appears when the preparation meets the opportunity


There are people who do what they do and enjoy all the success in the world. We say that they are always in the right place, at the right time: they have a brilliant career and a phenomenal success. It’s like they drew a lot and won the big prize, which means they have all the luck on their side.

We are tempted to say that successful people get everything they have by chance. However, if we are to talk about a successful athlete who has won the game with a lot of luck, we should not overlook all his years of work and exercise.

The luck comes when the preparation meets the opportunity. (Elmer Letterman)

This is how the lucky guys achieve their goals precisely by making great efforts. To become a true magnet for successful achievements, you need a dynamic, confident attitude and the conviction that you can overcome any obstacle. Obstacles are also important successes: when you encounter a problem, you must not let yourself down, but find the power to move forward. Typically, an action plan is the solution to overcoming obstacles.

The lucky ones still have passion in everything they do, and their energy catches up to the public. It is important to get involved in things you enjoy, that is, work in the field that really arouses your interest and at the same time, practice other activities that stimulate your spirit and keep you in shape.

Always be prepared to take advantage of opportunities!

Earl Nightingale said: “If you are not prepared to take advantage of opportunities when they arise, you will only be able to laugh.” People who draw good luck to them are always ready to give their best, they are eager to learn and work harder. You will always see them studying, practicing and trying to get as much information in the field in which they work. Many people are struggling to find out what skills they have through the school, which does not offer much testing and practice. You should not rely on school, but on individual studies that would encourage you to learn and develop your skills.

Those who are lucky enough to be on their side are always ready to take it all in stride and advance in time. They know very well what they want to accomplish, they are motivated by the challenges they turn into daring dreams.


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