Successful Investment Psychology: 15 Questions to Help You Develop Your Winning Mindset


The secret to making the right choices is to ask the right questions. And when it comes to investing, sometimes you need that northern star on the market map so as not to deviate from strategies, values and trends.

Below are 15 questions that will help you focus on the decision-making process and lead your investment strategy to long-term success.

  1. “Is this the best decision I can make, given the data I have now? Or is this decision influenced by the fear of losing money or the greed to make more money? ”
  1. “Will this strategy generate the best return on my long-term investment portfolio?”
  1. “Is this type of investment the most successful way to allocate my funds?”
  1. “Did I manage to gather that series of objective information that could support or contradict my theory about this investment?”
  1. “Did I properly adjust my point of view based on the complete information and weigh it correctly in my trading decision?”
  1. “What do I really like about investing in this financial product?”
  1. “What is the real driving force behind this trend and how likely is it that this trend will continue or change? ”
  1. “Do I put too much weight on what has happened recently? Do I somehow unjustly extrapolate the recent trend into the future? ”
  1. “Have I invested in a period (for example, in a bull market) in which I have come to assume that certain things (for example, an increase in shares) will perpetuate?”
  1. “Have I come to assume that these conditions are now the new status quo?”

There are also questions you should think about when seeking expert advice:

  1. “How credible is this expert? What experience does he have in the investment field? ”
  1. “What is his purpose and what motivates him to share his views? Does he just want to be objective, help me or try to get my attention and … money? ”

 Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. “If I were to invest in the stock market again, to start from scratch, would I choose the same investment products again? Or would I consider other options? ”
  1. “Do I only own shares in the portfolio because they are the best investment or because I am simply well acquainted with this type of investment?”
  1. “Do I always look at investments in terms of what I already know? What else can I learn to increase my return on investment? ”

Smart investments come down to the challenges of your own thinking when you develop your skills and knowledge in the field. It is not, by far, about being perfect. It’s about continuous improvement of what you know how to do, about looking for new ideas and learning from others. Developing your winning mindset is one of the best things you can do to become what you really want to be.

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