The Secret of Self-made Billionaires


70% of the world’s billionaires have reached the peaks of success through their own forces. They started early, with small investments and made a lot of money later. Many of them started investing at the age of 40, and some were not even 30 years old.

Asked how they succeeded, successful people attributed the merit, to a certain extent, to lifelong learning. They have always absorbed new things, from all possible sources. They were like sponges and they understood that learning is all you need to become a billionaire.

Is it about good luck or probability?

Many will believe that millionaires were lucky. But if we look at the past and the multitude of things they did before they became rich, we will realize that it is not about luck, but about probability. Simply put, if you throw enough arrows at the same target, you are likely to aim right in the middle. And you have the chance to become a millionaire, the job is to increase the number of odds in your favor by doing more things to broaden your prospects.

Warren Buffett reads and studies 80% of the time. Before investing money, he first becomes the most informed of all regarding the financial product, service or company he wants to invest in. And just because of the thorough information and research, he knows exactly what he is doing and what he will get.

Successful people have daily habits that increase their chances of achieving their goals. They plan each day in advance, make lists of everything to do the next day, organize their tasks according to priorities and choose the most important thing to do today. Successful people have a strong sense of control. They include studying every day of their lives, reading at least one hour a day and one book a week.

The difference between a millionaire and a poor man, in almost every field, is that the former knows more and is better informed. You should do the same! Become a habit for you. Learn and practice something new every day!


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