You can achieve anything, with an extraordinary perseverance!



Often, you strive to achieve something, and over time – you see that the results are discouraging you. Things don’t go the way you wanted and you think maybe you should retire from this “marathon”, give up your dreams… You are overwhelmed by doubts, fear, and indecision. But indecisions are also a kinda decisions: to choose failure.

This can happen when you have lost confidence or enthusiasm about reaching a goal. However, if you have enough ambition and perseverance, it would be good to review your strategy and make some changes; it is pointless to continue doing the same things that have proven to be ineffective. It is quite possible that inefficiency may result from not being in the right place at the right time.

For example, there may be things you should do to accomplish your plan, but you neglect or avoid them. You don’t appreciate the fact that you have (or can accumulate) enough skills and knowledge to accomplish anything, that through outgoing perseverance you can gain fresh forces that flood you and feel ready to follow in your footsteps. And after you charge your batteries, think about changing your strategy slightly, dividing your focus into smaller goals.

Did you know that there are no difficult paths if you can fragment your goal?

The achievement of each fragmented purpose can bring you satisfaction which, in turn, is an impulse to achieve your next purpose, and so on. Many people do not set great goals because of the overwhelming effort involved in achieving them. But with small steps taken daily, your efforts will leave their mark.

For example, you set a goal in the financial sector. First, ask yourself: “Realistically speaking how much money do I want to make?” Then make a list of fragmented goals for which you will start working today:

  1. This is my purpose. (Make a description of the purpose or sketch it in the picture, if possible.)
  2. What benefits will I get?
  3. What do I do to reach my goal?
  4. Where can I get information and guidance?
  5. The date when I start to implement my plan is …
  6. Throughout the duration of the plan I will be persevering, balanced and disciplined.

Most people are not persevering enough to discover that they can achieve anything. You don’t have to count among them. It’s a shame to give up the fight when you have lots of opportunities at hand. Success is a stone’s throw away!

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